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New developer tools for IE and Edge

Performance profiler
Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge
Job title:
UX Designer II
UX design, front-end development, visual design, illustration

Within Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and later Microsoft Edge, hitting the F12 key launches the developer tools. Over the years the tool set became knows as F-twelve (F12). F12 was to get a major update, and I joined the team as the single designer. My design manager wanted me on this team because they had a bad reputation for dissing designers and she knew I could win them over. Eventually gaining access, I crawled through everyone’s code pushing pixels and updating the CSS and they were more than happy to have me do it.

Along with a visual refresh and major updates to the Debugger, Element Inspector, Network Profiler, and Console, we added two new powerful tools – Performance Profiler and Memory Profiler. We iterated and ran user studies to finalize on the designs.

Memory profiler
I also helped to bring the profiling tools into Visual Studio.